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SIZE middle size, outline elegant and balanced, finely squat
WEIGHT male 4 to 5 kg, female 3 to 3.5 kg
Cuddly, super affectionate, sticky cat, possessive, exclusive, jealous, very active
ORIGIN Siam (old Thailand), Southeast Asia

cat primarily of interior, very near to its Master, ideal companion for all the age


colour point, blue eyes, short hair « thermosensibility », coloration of the body depends of various factors, « talkative » cat.


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FROM YESTERDAY TO TODAY belgothai_siamois_droit.jpg

The first Siamese cats known were imported from Kingdom of Siam and shown in catshow at the Crystal Palace (England) in 1871. The wichien-maat, name which it carries in Thailand, knew a passion near the public of the beginning of the XXème century until the second world war. About the years 1960, the ultra slim forms appeared, through selection, letting choir the traditional Siamese. That gave the slim forms which one currently knows. Fortunately, breeders in love with original morphology perpetuated and preserved qualities as well as the appearance of Siamese of the old type. The name the SIAMESE one remained, and henceforth anchored to the new forms, long and very slender. It was thus necessary to find a name for the old Siamese, with the rounder forms and with a squater aspect. The name of " THAI " was given, since originating in Siam, now called Thailand (Ground of the Thais).


HIS LOOK belgothai_siamois_droit.jpg


Cat of average size, the Thai combines an athletic grace with a dress silky and lying on the body. The head, front view, form an equilateral triangle with contours rounded. On profile, the cranium and the face slightly are rounded and prolonged of a harmonious convex curve until the top of the eyes and light and gradual concave curve under the eyes. The ears, broad at the base and round on the end, are of average size. The eyes are oval and are slightly placed skew. The neck and the body are average length and quite muscular. The chest, quite open is oval. The tail, average length, is broad at the base and goes to thin at the end. The Thai is a colour point cat, i.e. with the ends, ears, muzzle, legs and tail, darker than the body. There must have a real contrast between the colour of the points and the body. The eyes are always blue, of the most intense possible tonality.


ITS COMPANY belgothai_siamois_droit.jpg

The Thai, as an ancestor of Siamese, is a completely affectionate cat, even pot of adhesive. He has a jealous temperament, having a rather acute direction of the possession towards his Master. He is rather expressive, indeed, it is a talkative cat which can render comprehensible itself in any situation. It is a single cat in its kind, which allures at the same time adults and children. Its short dress and close to the body requires very little grooming, the regular cuddles makes it possible to eliminate the excess of hairs at the time of the moult.


HIS LEGENDS belgothai_siamois_droit.jpg

Many legends tell the appearance of the Siamese cat. Among them, reported by Georges Cansdale in " animals and the men " : at the time of the voyage on the arch of Noah, a monkey would have fallen in love of a lioness. This would explain the reason for which the Siamese cat has the agility of a monkey and the courage of a lioness !

In their country of origin, the "siameses" cats were venerated as guards of temples. When a person of high ranking died, her heart was réincarnated into the body of a cat. These cats were then sent to the temples in order to finish their days in the luxury and the opulence (fine food in gold plates). They could then have a certain power and intercede for the heart of the late one.

The legend claims that the Siamese cat had a light strabism at its origins because it savagely kept the royal treasures of Siam and it fixed them with such a grand attention; it had a cast in it.

The legend also tells that the tail of Siamese is dressed up of a node or a break. Due, the royal princesses hung their rings around the tail of the cat in order to not lose them during the bath.

Truths or legends, the current cats can not have any strabism nor no defect of tail in catshow. Tolerated in the old standards of race, these deformities are today disqualifying.


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