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Recognized Colours : Catégory : colourpoint
Division : solid, silver/smoke and tabby
Colour : all

The Thai is classified in the "  colourpoint  " category . There must be a net contrast between the colour of the points : it is the most possibly homogeneous and the body's colour is uniform. The points (or marks) are limited at the ends of the body : face (mask), ears, legs, and the tail.


Divisions make it possible to differentiate the cats according to the "patterns" of  the coat :
Division of the solids : plain cat " point ", without tabby marks, white spots, and no silver
Division of the tabby : cat having a mask striped with the form of an "M" on the face,  stripes on the legs and the tail, without white spots and no silver.
Division of the silver and smoke : cats having the characteristic to have the base of the hair loss of pigmentation thus white, from where silver reflections of the coat, without white spots.
When the hair is faded over a low length at their base, we will speak then about "smoke" colour .(of smoked aspect, with the base of the silver white hair). When the hairs are pigmented with silver colour at their end, we will then speak about silver (marks tabby, clear, on a luminous white zone ; the body  has a silver reflection).

Examples of colours : seal point, blue point, chocolate point, lilac point, cinnamon point, fawn point, red point, cream point, tortie point  +  all these colours in tabby.


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Seal point

  • Points : darkest possible brown (black) 
  • Body : hot beige, slightly gilded with shell of egg or pale fawn 
  • Nose leather and paw pads : very dark brown , black   

Blue point (dilution of the seal)

  • Points : cold grey-blue 
  • Body : frozen bluish white 
  • Nose leather and paw pads : grey-blue, slate   

Seal tabby point

  • Points : marks tabby brown darkest possible (black) 
  • Body : slightly gilded beige 
  • Nose leather : brick red ringed of black    (sometimes brown very dark) 
  • Paw pads : very dark brown , black   


Blue tabby point

  • Points : marks tabby cold grey-blue
  • Body : frozen bluish white
  • Nose leather : old pink ringed of grey-blue    (sometimes grey-blue) 
  • Paw pads : grey-blue, slate       



Chocolate point

  • Points : hot chocolate  milk
  • Body : ivory
  • Nose leather : chocolate 
  • Paw pads : chocolate milk with pinkish   

Lilac point (dilution of the chocolate)

  • Points : grey-rosy pale 
  • Body : frozen white, magnolia 
  • Nose leather and paw pads : rosy lavender , faded lilac, grey-rosy       



Cinnamon point

  • Points : brown heat grooves 
  • Body : ivory, face powder 
  • Nose leather and paw pads : brown grooves with pink-orange salmon   

Fawn point (dilution of the cinnamon)

  • Points : beige-rosy, old man-pink 
  • Body : broken white, pale ivory
  • Nose leather and paw pads : old man-pink, rosy beige      



Red point

  • Points : orange sharp heat 

  • Body : broken white hot, cream-coloured, shaded of apricot 

  • Nose leather and paw pads : dark pink    


Cream point (dilution of the red)

  • Points : cream clear, rather cold 
  • Body : pale cream-coloured white 
  • Nose leather and paw pads : pink       



Cat Tortie point or " scales " (colour only found in females) cats whose coat presents a mixture of russet-red (red) and of another colour.
X Tortie point: in its basic colour, mottled of red to hot cream 

  • Body : in its basic colour with alternate light russet-red nuances 
  • Nose leather and paw pads : mottled of pink and its basic colour (or either pink or its basic colour) 

Examples : seal tortie point, blue tortie point, chocolate tortie point, lilac tortie point, cinnamon tortie point, fawn tortie point  +  all these colors in tabby (seal tortie tabby point .......) 


Seal tortie tabby point

  • Points : marks tabby brown darkest possible (black) mixed with coppered russet-red spots tabby
  • Body : beige (with light nuances alternatively russet-red and brown)
  • Nose leather : red brick ringed of black (brown very dark)    (sometimes black mottled of pink or black) 
  • Paw pads : mottled of pink and black (or black or pink)       


One must take into account the effect of aging and the basic colour when considering the evolution colour point pattern : the points are often incompletely developed in the kitten, especially in the diluted colours, while shades tend to dissipate on the body of a mature cat (which is quite normal).

The Siamese cats are born white. After ten days, the points start to appear. The coldest zones of the body are tinted. Final colouring is established between the 12th and the 15th month.

With aging, the pigmentation of the body changes.

Siamese living outside during the winter will be darker than Siamese cats living inside. By the same token, Siamese cats living outside during the summer will be clearer.


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