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The Siamese , PRINCE of CATS ...... belgothai_siamois_droit.jpg

The THAI (Siamese) has a character rather different from the character of the other cat's races.



SOME FEATURES ........... belgothai_siamois_droit.jpg

The Thai will be quickly integrated in your home and will quickly become a whole member of your family. belgothai_image_siamois_33.JPG

The Thai will devote to his owner an unconditional passion. He will be really attached to him and especially faithful, dependent on his owner.
He is thus very sensitive to it and will know fast who gives him cuddles and who feeds him.

Moreover, if the owner has to go out many days, it affects the cat's morale up to the point not to feed any more. If his owner abandons him, it is possible that the Thai Siamese goes to sulk in his corner. As soon as his owner will reappear: the cat will make for him the "good time" so as to welcome the owner as it is necessary.


The Thai Siamese is very affectionate because he asks for many cuddles, he is very intelligent and he is especially hypersensitive. In it, it is thus necessary to bring to him a lot of affection and attention.
He is so very an emotional person and susceptible to his owner: in this sense where he is very sensitive to the intonations and the inflections of human voice. 

From the moment you have to reprimand him, make only in the act, it is necessary to give to him limits not to exceed ; and he will understand it.
It is thus necessary to have an iron hand in a velvet glove, a small slap on his back and a light and firm reprimand will be enough to clarify things.


He needs to understand what we want of him, he is our friend not our slave. Moreover, Thai consider the man as a friend and not as a leader .

We can also qualify the Siamese Thai as having a  " dog behaviour " . In fact: although it is usual, he brings back toys, paper ball, which you will have thrown him , and this with the biggest pleasure.
He is thus a player and roguish: he among others likes ripping paper rolls kitchen roll. He will also forbid his owner against attacks variously, and especially the suckling female will defend her offspring.

Other characteristic: he can be without any trouble walked in leash.
If you opt for holidays in car, anything more simple that to take his Thai, he will follow you without rebelling.
In it, he is endowed with a sharp mind and educates very well.
He knows how to learn what is good  or bad. He will refrain from making the bad, only to please his owner.


The Thai Siamese is an intrusive bit, he possesses a hoarse mewing to be listened.
He is jealous, he asks for a lot of affection.
He is possessive: he and only he, he will make move another animal of your knees to come to settle down there.
He also likes climb on shoulders. The Thai wants to know everything, he will be curious about your activities of kitchen, about writing, … He is allowed intimidate by nothing because he wants to be in the centre of attention of those who he loves.

The Thai "speaks", it is rather talkative and you will have of long and true conversations with him. He knows especially how to call to his owner when he is hungry, when he wants cuddles and you will see at once if he requires care.
He has especially the capacity to modulate his voice, by fixing his owner ,  right in eyes and by mewing to ask for something or to announce him  his impressions .


The Thai Siamese is also very energetic, lively and athletic. Don't wonder if he runs through the house pursuing an invisible prey.
He climbs with big suppleness on furniture and naturally on all which is the most high-ranking.
He also needs to cut his claws and a cat tower  is welcome. 

After all these movements, he will appreciate the peace of the "just man", the "warrior" .He chooses thus the most comfortable and cosy places such as corners warmly, knees, and even perched height on a piece of furniture or on television. All this by humming of pleasure.
Then: a single caress will be enough for waking him, he is then going to dash into stretched lengths, will hum to begin again finally new adventures. 


As regards the foreigners or the "intruders", the Thai Siamese will remain distant. He knows how to show that he is disturbed.
If there are other animals: no problem with the Thai Siamese, there will be a good agreement and a good adaptation (dogs, the other cats). 

One siamese : is nice ; more is so nice ..........

Do not buy a Thai Siamese :

- If you are absent all day long and if he is alone at home.

- If you wait for the peace of a peaceful cat; because he is turbulent and he has a big liveliness, he needs to exert himself by playing.

- If you don't give him a constant attention.

- If you have no love to be brought to him.

- If you are too much considering at your furniture and knickknacks. 



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